Brown Dog Tackle Co. Founder: Ian Renfrew

"I've been fishing for as long as I've been able to hold a rod and find a puddle. I have two great passions in life; tournament angling & deer hunting. But a close third is being a bit of a gear junkie. Anyone who knows me knows that I am very meticulous with my equipment. My mindset has always been that there is too much that we can't control on the water so the things we can must be in top notch order. With that being said, I often find myself asking why would a manufacturer do this? Or thinking there is no way fisherman can actually use lures like this, and so on.

During a tournament a few years ago I had an arm break on an Alabama Rig, which cost me the tournament and was the beginning of the Brown Dog Tackle Company."


"I knew I had to be able to produce a better, stronger rig. So that's what I did."


For years it seemed I always had to compromise about some aspect of a bait. Not at Brown Dog, we are a zero compromise tackle company. If we can't make it better we just won't make it.

At Brown Dog we feel that if we are not continually improving and making things better, then we are going backwards. We pride ourselves in pairing the highest quality products, processes, and craftsmanship available in the custom bait market. If I'm not 100% satisfied with a bait, it doesn't leave our shop. 

As for the Brown Dog, his name is Hunter. He is my best buddy, my chocolate lab who has been my companion for the past 14 years. An avid fisherman himself.